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New Micro wedding packages added for 2020/21

In these uncertain times, we’re seeing an increase in couples downsizing their plans. The rise of the micro wedding is being predicted for the next year or two and we’d love to help out those couples who’ve decided to go the more intimate wedding route 🙂

Click here to view Micro Weddings package and pricing page

What is a micro wedding?

A ‘Micro Wedding’ as they are being called is when couples have a very small selection of guests (20 or under) which are typically made up from family and very close friends.

A micro wedding is a wedding with less than 20 guests. Being smaller in size, it’s usually cheaper, more relaxed and shorter in length than a traditional wedding day.

Helen Pye for | What Is a Micro Wedding and Is It Right For You? View full article here

As such, the demand for a traditional style documentary wedding photographer has changed a little bit. Of course, it’s less work and much less editing if we have to photo 20 guests rather than 200 so it seems like a great idea to offer these micro weddings a fairer price.

Video upgrades

Video upgrades can be added. These videos are fab for sharing with friends and family that can’t make it to your big day.

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