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We’re back!

With the weddings and events industry now preparing to reopen, we’re now back in the office full-time and things are looking very busy.

It’s been a strange and emotional time over the last year or so but we’re super excited to get back to photoing rooms of hundreds of guests 🙂

We’ve been trying to stay proactive and react to customers needs and event restrictions. So today, we’ve made some minor revisions to our packages. Along with some all new options launching now. Hopefully this is our last package tweak for a while!

Due to very high demand for weekend bookings we’ll be limiting our Micro wedding options to weekday bookings only from the end of July 2021. This also allows us to offer it at a lower price.

We’ve just introduced an Elopement package and a brand new Hybrid video & photo highlight package.

Head here to view our latest options

Our Premium photo and video package is now sold out for 2021

We still have limited spaces for weddings in 2021. Summer is now almost full. With some key dates still available for Autumn and Winter.

We aiming to launch our live streaming service in June 2021.

We’ve been promising new options for deluxe photo books and presentation USB boxes, these are still planned although dates have been pushed back to later in 2021 when things calm down a bit and we can spend some quality time on designing and picking samples from our providers. Stay tuned for more info on that later in the Summer.

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