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Autumn update and micro wedding options extended to 2021

Well, what a year it’s been! We’re still working away on our micro weddings for the rest of 2020 and since things are a little difficult with restrictions we’re continuing to offer our micro wedding packages into 2021. (More info on those here)

We’ve seen a huge demand for bookings in 2021, some dates are still available but it’s looking like a very busy spring and summer season! 

Our video packages have been revised to reflect recent changes and increased demand for video. With guest numbers being limited it’s a fab way to share your special day with friends and family that are unable to make your big day.

We’re working with two videographers now and we’ll be expanding video coverage options for 2021 and beyond.

2020 has proven a challenge with only 10% of our bookings able to go ahead but we’re eternally grateful for all the couples who’ve booked us and/or rescheduled during this time ❤️ It’s an incredibly difficult time for the wedding/event industry and although we’re not getting any government grants or funding, we’re 100% positive we will survive thanks to the bookings that have been able to go ahead in 2020. 

Thankfully current guest number restrictions do not include photographers. For safety reasons we will be wearing masks where required and adhering to venue/government safety guidelines.

Stay safe folks x

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Charlton Hall | Wedding venue walkabout | PHOTO GALLERY

Just around the corner from Doxford Barns in Northumberland is the fabulous and jaw-dropping Charlton Hall. We took the opportunity to pop by and check it out on one of its open days. It was undergoing some roof upgrades while we were there but we still had a good look around the vast interior with it’s delightfully modern and quirky design, surrounded by lush green fields and farmland.

BSC Wedding Photography - Newcastle Gateshead - Candid - documentary style - Hancock Museum wedding
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Photoing a wedding at the Hancock Museum in Newcastle | Wedding photographer blog

I consider myself very fortunate to be in my job and privileged to work with some amazing couples. I tend to get very excited before weddings and this one was no different. However, I must admit more excited than normal! I was asked by Jayne and Kip to photograph their wedding in May 2019. They chose a very unique and very special venue; the Great North Museum Hancock in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was to be the very first wedding at the museum and I can say it was an absolute hoot to photograph there.

A month or two before the big day I met the couple to have a chat about their requirements and ideas for the day. I was blown away by their fun approach to weddings and it was clear from the outset that this was going to be right up my street. I’m a self-confessed geek and I am well known for my love of all things a bit different or nerdy. Kip and Jayne have a very similar mindset and we ventured around the venue scouting for photo ops. ‘We want a photo with the T-Rex!’. I got excited there and then!

Hancock Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne wedding photos

Dippy the Dinosaur handheld panorama

The lighting in the venue is quite dark and moody in parts due to the nature of the exhibits and their sensitivity to light. This meant I had to work a bit more with off camera flash than I would normally but some of the results were fantastic. We only had a half day booking to capture all of the photos and that time seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. I could have easily stayed for an entire day and still not have captured all the fun locations/props I wanted! There is so much to choose from there, you are really spoiled for choice, it is a playground for creative couples and photographers alike.

A strong Jurassic Park and Star Wars theme were in place for the day. Which suited me to a tea! The day featured what is easily my favourite wedding shoes of all time. Along with some rather stunning handmade paper bouquets as floral ones are not permitted in the museum to protect the exhibits.

Below is my favourite shot from the day is of the couple posing with Dippy the Dinosaur. I love this one, their pose is just so comfortable and natural. Again this was lit with two off-camera flashes alongside the venues ambient lighting. I was able to bring out more of Dippy by utilising a flash with a bounce fitted to re-direct the light for a more dramatic effect. It was quite a challenge to light and ensure the couple were lit correctly and in focus too. It’s quite a tight space to photo and fit everything in but I managed it with my trusty 24-70mm Sigma Art on a fullframe camera.

My tip for anyone photoing at the Hancock is to expect a lot of fun and some frustration. Do take speedlights with you! The lighting is incredibly challenging in some parts of the venue, we were extra unlucky with the weather and it was quite an overcast day so natural light in the venue was minimal. I had a blast working here and I’d love to do many more weddings at this fantastic and unique place. I shall remember this day fondly for years to come 🙂

Doxford Barns wedding photography
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Doxford Barns | Wedding venue walkabout | PHOTO GALLERY

One of the most talked-about venues is Doxford Barns in Northumberland. We took the opportunity to pop by and check it out on one of its open days.

It certainly lived up to the hype and is a great space. The natural light in the venue is amazing, coupled with lots of candles make it a photographers dream 😍

I think I could happily live in one of their pods too! Amazing place ❤️