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FAQ – Wedding Videography

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Here is a selection of frequently asked questions for this service.

The best and most emotional moments are usually the ones where people are relaxed and fully focused on the events of the day. Our videographer(s) will capture your day without any distractions. We specialise in providing natural and relaxed documentary-style highlight videos.

What type of video coverage is it?

Unobtrusive, unstaged documentary-style camera work. An ideal option if you’re looking for something to remember the day.

We film with a small setup using small 4k mirrorless cameras, aiming to be as discrete as possible on the day.

How many people will be filming?

The Highlight video package is shot by one videographer. If your package includes audio upgrades we may have an additional sound/camera operator to monitor/mix audio recording.

Will we have to wear microphones?

Microphones are generally not used for highlight videos. Although we will use a very small wireless mic to capture any vows for soundbites, which is usually attached to the groom prior to the ceremony.

Do you offer a combined photo and video package?

Not at present due to high levels of demand for our photography and the knock-on business effects from 2020 lockdowns. We may reinstate this option in future when we’re able to hire more staff. 

Can I have music on my video?

Please note that due to licensing costs and legal restrictions it might not be possible to get specific music on larger record labels due to the expense of licensing the audio. This would significantly raise the price of the video.

We use for our music, and you are welcome to help us choose the right music for you.

How are the videos delivered?

Videos are edited cinematically in Final Cut Pro with music. Delivered fully edited via digital download (free) and a private video link hosted on our YouTube channel for you to share with friends and family.

USB sticks are also available should you wish to skip the hassle of downloading!

Can I view some of your previous work?

Yes. We have a few videos you can view on request, we keep client’s wedding videos private with access invite. We launched our video service in late 2019 and still have a fairly limited portfolio but we’d love to expand on what we have and therefore are offering some limited-time launch deals to help with this goal!

We have full private video links on our YouTube channel to share should you wish to see more of our work before you book. Contact us for more info

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